Peter Bachmann

Peter Bachmann , 1969                                                       Massage therapist                                                               Married to Karin Bachmann                                                     Father of Lena, born 2011

After many years of travelling in India, I love the Indian culture and its people. Interested in plants, natural medicines and a healthy lifestyle, I got into Ayurveda. I was trained in massage in 2009 in Rishikesh, and later on learnt proper Ayurvedic techniques in South India. I’m always happy to invest my energy into something meaningful and I‘am very glad to be part of the team of Yogi Manmoyanand, now that he is ready to bring Panchakarma into Switzerland.

Since our return to Switzerland in 2010, I’m taking care of our daughter Lena and the household.

Peter will be giving Ayurvedic massages and related care to the male participants of the Panchakarma events.