Manasi Armstrong

Manasi, 1977
Massage therapist (ASCA)
Married and mother of Elliot, born 2013
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“Panchakarma Switzerland is the project I’ve been hoping to realise since 2009 and I am grateful Yogi Manmoyand is today sharing his ayurvedic wisdom with all of us. I am a massage therapist in Geneva, Switzerland, but that happened in 2010 only. In January 2007, after a 2-weeks retreat with Yogi Manmoyanand, I left Geneva and my very yuppy life to live in India for almost 2 years. There I worked with Karin and Peter at Little Tiger’s Kindergarten and travelled and read and experienced and learned. Beside Yoga, I discovered Ayurveda. Because I was mad, lost, stressed, with acne and constant back pain, I turned to massage (for myself) and then to Panchakarma. Then I truly experienced the body-mind game: my mind could make me sick but I could also clear my mind in working on my body and thus heal both. I went back to school and learnt massages: Indian, Chinese, Swedish, etc. I believe in the therapeutic calming effect of massage and I wanted to give just that. But only today do I get a chance to give massages in a real ayurvedic (therapeutic) perspective, thanks to Yogi Manmoyanand’s expertise and under his supervision.”

Manasi will be giving ayurvedic massages and related care to women during the Panchakarma events.