Karin Bachmann

Karin Bachmann, 1974
Social Management (ASH Berlin)                   Married to Peter Bachmann                       Mother of Lena, born 2011

By meeting Yogi Manmoyanand (Manu) on the banks of River Ganges in 2005, I finally found a teacher who was capable and patient enough to answer all my questions that had driven so many other teachers (and classmates) mad for years.

Eager to study more about the vast subject of Yoga and Ayurveda, I left Switzerland and moved to India for the next 5 years. With friends, professional teachers from Switzerland and other Yoga students, we established the International  non-profit Kindergarten Little Tiger in 2006 as another part of our practice.

For me, Panchakarma Switzerland provides a great opportunity to add something immensly valueable and  positive to the people  – lasting good health and a temporary get-away from the stress of everyday life.

Karin’s part is the organisation of the retreats, guest relations and to assist in the kitchen.