10-day Panchakarma, Spring 2021

We will be hosting two 10-day programmes in Blatten-Belalp, Valais, Switzerland:
Panchakarma for Detoxification
Panchakarma for Weight Loss

Objectives for The Detoxification Programme:
•    Eliminate toxins and toxic conditions from your body and mind
•    Restore your constitutional balance improving health and wellness
•    Strengthen your immune system and  become more resistant to illness
•    Reverse the negative effects of stress on your body and mind thereby slowing the aging process
•    Enhance your self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity
•    Bring about deep relaxation and sense of well-being as well as lightness
•    Advice for healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle practices to continue at home
•   Wellness stay for physical and mental well-being
•    A better understanding of lifestyle principles according to Ayurveda

For the Weight Loss Programme, the indications are: 
Too much Kapha, that causes several imbalances in the body, such as:
– Obesity
– Heaviness of body
– Lethargy
– Tiredness and excess sleeping
– Indigestion
– Cough
– Asthma

Through the special Panchakarma treatment of Vamana, in combination with powder massages and absorption of medical ghee that is given, the excess Kapha will be expelled from the body and:
– digestion and metabolic power gets enhanced;
– excess weight is lost;
– the person gains strength;
– the treatment helps to slow down the aging process.

Day 1 & 2 – Check-in from 3pm and one to one consultation with Yogi Manmoyanand. Depending on the individual consultation, your individual program will be created.

Days  2 to 9 – Daily Ayurvedic treatments (Abhyanga and Swedana, Sirodhara, Virechana, Basti, Nasyam…) + evening lectures on Ayurvedic principles and lifestyle and light forest walks on some days.

Day 10 – Breakfast and check-out before 12am.


The house is in Blatten-Belalp, a quiet and romantic location approx. 250 m from the cable car / bus station of Blatten, Valais, Switzerland.

Car: carriages via the Furka or Loetschberg tunnel or the motorway Vevey-Brig-Naters-Blatten
By public transport: Railway to Brig, postbus to Blatten (about 15 min.)
Location of the house in Blatten: Approximately 250 m from the center of Blatten (cable car station, PTT-Bus-Stop, post office, shop, restaurants)

Each participant will have their own room and bathroom.

The price of the 10 days, all inclusive (except travel costs) is EURO 2’250.