The Panchakarma Weight Loss programme this year has already been very effective.
I literally feel that a weight has been lifted in so many ways.
I was really well looked after  and supported throughout the whole programme.
I have been given the biggest kick start ever to lose the weight I need to with the Vamana treatment which triggers the weight loss.
I’ve already lost weight since I got back!
Under the very close guidance of Yogi Manmoyanand I received top quality Panchakarma treatments along with his personalized Ayurvedic nutritional recommendations equal to none.
I feel very privileged to have received this knowledge and now need to continue to closely follow these precious recommendations in order to achieve my ultimate weight loss. I will keep you posted!!
Thank you to the whole team for your dedication, kindness and professionalism.
Claire (2018)

I wanted to say once more a huge thank you for the most incredible Panchakarma course led by Yogi Manmoyanand
From beginning to end you made me feel so welcome.
I feel so much better – the treatments were really effective.
I learned so much
Thank you 
Yogi Manmoyanand, Karin, Melanie and Peter you are a fabulous team!

These ten radical days with you, wonderful Panchakarma Switzerland Team – under the most impressive, gracious guidanceof Yogi Manmoyanand – contain more than an excellent classical purifying procedure, they are sustainable mind opening soulfood, that will last for ever. I am new born, reborn.  Thank you and Manu from the bottom of my heart.                                                                                              Johannes 

Dear Panchakarma team,
The Panchakarma retreat was a wonderful experience for me. Thank you so much for all your love, care and knowledge. The good result of my health is the answer of this process, which was perfectly designed by Yogi Manmoyanand and the help of a wonderful team. (…)
I am full of energy and my body and mind seem happy about it.
I am in a creative mood and since this experience, my life is more in harmony.
The team was warm and charming, professional and well structured. The massages have been a great joy and the support which was given was carefully chosen. 
Every dinner was perfectly designed for the process and tasted like heaven.
Every step of the process was well prepared.
I took a bunch of interesting informations back home, about how to cook and eat, so now,
I know much better what my body needs to stay healthy.
The team has worked in such a nice way together, which gave me the feeling of being 
welcome at home.
Thanks again for the great support and hello to all of you
Much love, Catherine