Ayurvedic Cooking Class level II – Easter 2019

Ayurvedic Cooking class by Yogi Manmoyanand, Easter 2019              18 – 22 April 2019, Zurich

ayurvedic-principlesThursday and Friday, 10-17h

  • Theory of ayurvedic diet according to age, season, weather and astronomical conditions
  • Teaching about spices and their correct use
  • Ayurvedic lunch

Saturday-Monday, 10-17h 

  • Practical training in the kitchen
  • Eating together


The five-day workshop is designed to provide the correct knowledge about food for Health. We aim to impart as much information and training as possible regarding the choice, preparation, and consumption of food on the basis of the ancient wisdoms of Ayurveda.

Yogi Manmoyanand will be giving the Class in English only.

Price: 700 Euros

Please contact us by email on panchakarmaswitzerland@gmail.com for more information and registration